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Luqman Mushila Hodgkinson

Graduation Year
Luqman  Mushila  Hodgkinson

Luqman Mushila Hodgkinson traveled alone to USA from Kenya becoming a first generation college student and earning a bachelor’s degree in political science from Hiram College, a masters in computer science from Columbia University, and a PhD in computational biology from UC-Berkeley. He then joined the school of medicine at Stanford to pursue a dual MD/MPP degree program. Having helped establish Masinde Muliro School of Medicine in Kakamega, Kenya, a medically underserved area, Dr. Hodgkinson now serves as Adjunct Lecturer there and assists with ongoing teaching collaborations between Stanford School of Medicine and Masinde Muliro School of Medicine. After residency in USA, he plans to return to Kakamega to be a professor at Masinde Muliro School of Medicine and to continue to develop medical infrastructure in this medically underserved area. 


Countries of Study
Research Interest(s)
HIV/AIDS, Health Policy