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Student Groups

Stanford University hosts remarkable student organizations that offer students the opportunity to participate in the Stanford community and strengthen valuable relationships. The Center for African Studies collaborates with a variety of student organizations on campus. We invite you to explore the student organizations affiliated with the Center for African Studies featured below!

SASA students

Stanford African Students Association (SASA)

SASA is a student organization committed to promoting awareness about the African continent, and fostering cultural and social ties with all people of African descent in and around the Stanford community.

SASA Instagram

NAIJA students

Stanford Nigerian Students Association (NAIJA)

NAIJA is a student organization with one clear mission: to educate and celebrate the deep beauty of Nigeria's diverse culture and heritage to fellow Stanford students and neighboring communities.

NAIJA website

NAIJA Instagram

SEESA students

Stanford Ethiopian and Eritrean Students' Association (SEESA)

SEESA is a student organization committed to promoting awareness about Ethiopia and Eritrea and fostering cultural and social ties among the community.

SEESA website

SEESA Instagram

Stanford Ghanaian Student Association (Akwaaba)

Akwaaba is Stanford's newly re-instated Ghanaian Student Association. The club relaunched in the spring of 2016. The goal of Akwaaba is enlighten the Stanford community about the rich heritage, culture and current state (e.g. political and social climate) of Ghana.

Akwaaba website

Akwaaba Instagram

Stanford Africa Entrepreneurship Network (SAEN)

SAEN is committed to building an intellectual community at Stanford to create, share and implement ideas geared towards growth and sustainable development of the African continent. SAEN intends to serve as the platform for nurturing Africa's future leaders through knowledge and experiences of our past and present leaders.

SAEN website

SAEN Facebook

Stanford Africa Business Club (ABC)

ABC's purpose is to raise awareness of African business and cultures, promote discussion of economic, political and social issues in Africa, encourage the school to seek more students from Africa, provide a platform for students interested in careers in Africa to meet with employers, and encourage development of case studies.

Stanford ABC Twitter

Stanford ABC Facebook