Laura Hubbard

Associate Director
Laura Hubbard

Laura Hubbard, PhD, UC Berkeley, is an anthropologist of youth, media and popular culture. She has lived and worked in Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa focusing on questions of aesthetics and politics, temporality and youth culture, the links of longing and belonging among southern African cities, and the nexus of media and development. Dr. Hubbard's other interests include humanitarianism, the city, race and representation, speculative fiction, television and short film, Afro-futurism, and the aesthetics of hope. In 2013, Dr. Hubbard received the Dean's Award of Merit from the School of H&S for her contributions to African Studies and the broader Stanford community. Dr. Hubbard cherishes and thrives in the music, deep conversations, and many events at CAS. She has an open door policy and welcomes all to enter and share stories and songs anytime. Join her in an ever growing CAS and in calling CAS home for research, for community, and for solace. 


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