Toussaint Nothias

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Toussaint Nothias

Toussaint Nothias is the associate director of research at the Digital Civil Society Lab, and a social science research scholar at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil SocietyHe is a communication scholar whose research focuses on journalism, civil society, and digital technologies across Africa. Currently, he is researching Facebook's initiatives to increase digital connectivity across the African continent. His earlier research examined stereotypes in global news coverage of Africa through the analysis of media content and interviews with journalists in Kenya and South Africa. His work has been published in leading communication journals including the Journal of CommunicationMedia, Culture, SocietyJournalism Studies; International Journal of Communication and African Journalism Studies. He is the recipient of several academic awards, including the “Stuart Hall Award” from the IAMCR for his work on Twitter in Kenya.


Toussaint received his Ph.D. from the University of Leeds and was a visiting doctoral scholar at the University of Cape Town. Before coming to the Digital Civil Society Lab, he was a lecturer at the Stanford Center for African Studies and a researcher at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies at Oxford University. At CAS, Nothias taught classes on “Media and Conflict in Africa” and on “Media Representations of Africa”, and organized the conference African Media Studies in the Digital Age”. There, he also co-founded the "Africa Stereotype Scanner", a digital tool designed to identify and address damaging stereotypes and implicit biases in writing about Africa.






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Journalism, Media Representations of Africa, Social and Digital Media in Africa, Media and Conflict, Postcolonial Theory, ICT for Development