Latifah Hani Hamzah

Graduation Year
Latifah  Hani  Hamzah

Latifah Hani Hamzah is the Gabilan Stanford Graduate Fellow in Mechanical and Environmental Engineering. Latifah has obtained an M.S. with a focus on mechatronics and is pursuing a Ph.D. researching water and sanitation with a minor in anthropology. Latifah’s research projects examine the levels and sources of contamination in stored and source water supplies in Kenyan households, create a monitoring and control set-up for a novel aerobic household-scale sanitation solution, and investigate the utility of biochar in improving soil and water conditions on small scale cacao farms in Malaysia and Ghana.

At Stanford, Latifah has led multiple projects locally and internationally with Engineers for a Sustainable World. Latifah also teaches a two-quarter course, "Engineering & Sustainable Development", that addresses the ethical reasoning behind and myriad challenges inherent in implementing sustainable engineering projects abroad. Latifah has also served on the University Committees for Graduate Studies and Research, the Faculty Senate, and the Graduate Student Council.

Prior to Stanford, Latifah co-founded Engineers Without Borders in their native Malaysia to improve the quality of life in underserved communities. Latifah holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a B.Mus in Classical Violin from Codarts Rotterdam.


Countries of Study
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Water and Sanitation