Kelsey McFaul

Graduation Year
Kelsey  McFaul

Kelsey is a native of Washington state, where she grew up and attended Seattle Pacific University. She graduated with degrees in English Liteatue and Political Science. Her senior thesis was a collection of short stories exploring connections between myth and narrative among Ethiopian Evangelical Christians.

Kelsey first visited Ethiopia as a child and has since cultivated an academic as well as a personal knowledge of its history and people. Two summers ago, she travelled alone in South Sudan, Kenya, and Ethiopia interviewing and writing the stories of everyday citizens, enterprising businesspeople, leaders, and teachers.

As an MA student in African Studies, Kelsey plans to continue her focus on African literature and storytelling, including how these forms may be leveraged in political rhetoric. She is also looking forward to studying Amharic. She hopes to pursue a doctoral degree in Anthropology or Comparative Literature and spend some of her next years living in Ethiopia.