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Chepchirchir Tirop

Graduation Year
Chepchirchir   Tirop

Chepchirchir is a historian of Africa, born and raised in Kenya, who loves meeting new people, singing and dancing in community, reading novels and learning new languages. Chepchirchir is passionate about creating communities for people to learn more about themselves and others while helping each other grow. She is interested in interdisciplinary approaches to research and is always excited to learn from colleagues in other fields such as African literature, films, art and music. Chepchirchir is also interested in public history, hoping to make her work and those of other historians of Africa more accessible, primarily through popular media. As a historian, she hopes her work will inspire people to learn more about African pasts and presents, while empowering Africans to envision and create better futures for themselves. 


Research Interest(s)
Religion, Development, Decolonization, Nationalism, Postcolonial Theory & African Youth , Urbanization and Popular Media