Standing in Solidarity: African Student Groups and CAS Condemn Conflict in Sudan

The recent conflict in Sudan has deeply concerned the Center for African Studies (CAS), the Africa Business Club (ABC), the Somali Student Association (SSA), the Stanford Black Muslim Coalition (SBMC), the East African Stanford Students’ Association (EASSA), Stanford Ethiopian Eritrean Student Association (SEESA), NAIJA, and AKWAABA. It's crucial that we don't ignore the suffering of our friends and neighbors as we observe the crisis through the media, even though it can feel overwhelming and powerless. It's disheartening to witness innocent civilians trapped in the middle of this political conflict, and it's especially distressing to realize that some members of the Stanford community are directly affected. Communities have been impacted, families have been seperated, and the future is still uncertain for many. CAS urges an end to the violence and implores the international community to intensify their efforts to address this crisis. We appeal to the Stanford community to lend their support to the Sudanese American Physicians Association’s emergency relief efforts by contributing to their fundraising campaign. Every act of kindness, no matter how small, can have a significant impact.