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Solidarity with the People of Morocco and Libya

The Center for African Studies wishes to express its solidarity with the people of Morocco and Libya in light of the recent tragic events.

In Morocco, a devastating earthquake has claimed the lives of 2,900 individuals and left 5,500 injured, along with the collapse of historic structures and homes.

In Libya, catastrophic flooding resulted from the collapse of two dams during heavy storms in Derna, leading to the loss of at least 11,300 lives, many missing individuals, and the displacement of tens of thousands.

We join the Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies and the Markaz Resource Center in extending our condolences to those in our community who have lost loved ones. Our thoughts are with all those affected during these challenging times.

We recognize the critical need for support during the initial days following these disasters. Donations can significantly aid the long road to recovery ahead. If you wish to contribute to the relief efforts, in addition to the urgent appeal for donations from the International Rescue Committee (IRC), the Markaz Resource Center at Stanford has listed some organizations that you may consider supporting, including UNICEF, Red Cross, or Libya in the UK.

In addition, Stanford's Center for Innovation for Global Health has listed some organizations that you may consider supporting, including Médecins Sans Frontières (an independent organization providing medical care and equipment), Global Giving (supporting local, grassroots nonprofits), the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (directing funds to the Moroccan Red Crescent, providing life-saving support and psychosocial aid in Morocco), and CARE (with a presence in Morocco, focusing on families and children).

With heartfelt compassion and unwavering support,

Center for African Studies