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African Studies at the Forefront of AI Innovation at Stanford

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between the Center for African Studies and the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University. This innovative project, titled "African History from the Bottom Up with LLM-Augmented Agents," is set to revolutionize the study of historical texts.

About the Project

This joint initiative features a talented team: Sina J. Semnani, PhD Candidate in Computer Science (Stanford); Kwame Nyarkoh-Ocran, MS Candidate in Computer Science (Stanford); and Ashley Celestine Kamdom Tamdjo, BS Candidate (Stanford). They are advised by Prof. Trevor R. Getz (San Francisco State University), Dr. Robin P. Chapdelaine (Stanford), and Prof. Monica S. Lam (Stanford).

Introducing HistoryChat

At the heart of this project is HistoryChat, an AI tool designed to enable scholars, students, and teachers to engage with historical texts interactively. The first application of HistoryChat will focus on The African Times, a significant newspaper from the late 19th-century transatlantic African diaspora.

Open Access and Broader Implications

HistoryChat will be openly accessible, allowing its application to various historical corpora. This initiative aims to address intellectual gaps in the histories of underrepresented communities.

We are proud to support this innovative project. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting journey to reshape historical research and education.