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Africa Table: The African French Resistance

Eric Jennings
November 7, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Encina Hall West, Room 219, 417 Galvez Mall

Free and open to all!

Join the Center for African Studies for our weekly lunchtime lecture series. 

The African French Resistance

Eric Jennings held Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in 1998. He is a French colonial historian at the University of Toronto whose books include Escape from Vichy: The Refugee Exodus to the French Caribbean (Harvard University Press, 2018), Perspectives on French Colonial Madagascar (Palgrave, 2017), Free French Africa in World War II: The African Resistance (Cambridge University Press, 2015), Imperial Heights: Dalat and the Making and Undoing of French Indochina (University of California Press, 2011), Curing the Colonizers: Hydrotherapy, Climatology, and French Colonial Spas (Duke University Press, 2006), and Vichy in the Tropics: Pétain’s National Revolution in Madagascar, Guadeloupe and Indochina, 1940-1944 (Stanford University Press, 2001).  His monographs have been translated into French and Vietnamese, and he recently received a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship. For more on Eric click here

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